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124102661Ralph RussellA Thousand Yearnings: A Book of Urdu Poetry and Prose2017-08-05EPUB/AZW1/15/2018 3:19:00 AMGustavi
1240986187Michelle GericTennyson and Geology: Poetry and Poetics (Palgrave Studies in Literature, Science and Medicine)2017-12-15PDF1/14/2018 10:42:21 PMGustavi
1240979160Sharif S ElmusaFlawed Landscape: Poems 1987-20082008-08-06PDF1/14/2018 10:29:13 PMGustavi
124093053Tyson AmirBlack Boy Poems: An Account of Black Survival in America2016-10-15AZW31/14/2018 7:34:16 PMGustavi
124058581Olga V. LehmannPoetry And Imagined Worlds (Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture)2018-02-10PDF1/14/2018 5:24:32 AMgestalt
1240172202Jay PariniWhy Poetry Matters (Why X Matters Series)2008-04-22PDF1/13/2018 11:07:47 AMtopron
123695353James J. FoxMaster poets, ritual masters: The art of oral composition among the Rotenese of Eastern Indonesia2016-06-15PDF1/8/2018 9:58:13 PMalex21s
1235321133Qu YuanThe Songs of the South: An Anthology of Ancient Chinese Poems by Qu Yuan and Other Poets (Penguin Classics)1985-01-01EPUB1/6/2018 4:20:19 PMgestalt
123343170Herman MelvilleTimoleon, Etc.1966PDF1/4/2018 9:45:25 AMgestalt
123210462Goran Printz-PahlsonLetters of Blood and Other Works in English2011-11-30PDF1/2/2018 5:07:40 AMcomet
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